George Town Landfill Reports & Information



The Cayman Islands Government has considered a range of solid waste management solutions, predominantly focused on remediation, landfill mining and Waste to Energy. In this section, international reports on best practice related to all these options have been compiled, using landfills and jurisdictions most relevant to the Cayman Islands.


The hierarchy of waste management, in order of preference, used to be known as the three Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.  Now one additional R is often added as a preference before final disposal and that is Recover.  Recover refers to recovering energy from the residual waste remaining after the 3Rs. This is accomplished through various Waste to Energy (also sometimes referred to as Energy from Waste) facilities. To date the most successful types of Waste to Energy plants are those that generate electricity from steam produced through mass burn of waste or by burning pretreated waste usually called refuse derived fuel. Of these types the mass burn facilities are much more common. Waste to Energy is not a disposal technology since typically 10% of the waste volume and 25% of the mass remains after combustion and needs to be landfilled in an engineered site.  A landfill is also required for waste that needs to by-pass a Waste to Energy facility. New technologies that have yet to be proven on a commercial scale include gasification systems that may or may not include plasma gasification. These systems claim to produce more power per ton of waste, produce less or no ash requiring disposal, or produce a more useful form of energy in terms of syngas or other fuels.  Some claim all of the above.  


2012, Waste to Energy State of the Art

Authors: International Solid Waste Association

A good summary of Waste to Energy plants currently in the European Union (EU)


2013, Gasification and Mass Burn – Comparing Apples to Apples

Authors: Peter Chromec of Hitachi Zosen Inova

A presentation on recommended unbiased methods of comparing different Waste to Energy technologies based on mass and energy balance.