George Town Landfill Reports & Information



The Cayman Islands Government has considered a range of solid waste management solutions, predominantly focused on remediation, landfill mining and Waste to Energy. In this section, international reports on best practice related to all these options have been compiled, using landfills and jurisdictions most relevant to the Cayman Islands.


Landfill Mining refers to processing old waste that has already been landfilled. Research indicates that the reason for mining old landfills, in the very limited number of cases worldwide, is very site specific. Usually the benefits derived from mining an old site include recovering fill for cover material at an active on-site disposal area and recovering landfill capacity.  Sometimes the process is employed to move waste from an unlined area to a lined area to reduce the potential for groundwater contamination.  Rarely, the recovered material has been separated out for recycling or used to feed a Waste to Energy facility.  A new term has been coined for this process of recycling and recovering energy from previously buried waste; Enhanced Landfill Mining (ELFM). When considering ELFM there are a variety of potential options when it comes to selecting a Waste to Energy technology. These include relatively few reliable and proven technologies, as well as many new and untried forms.  Consequently the importance of pre-qualifying technologies is critical.


1997, Landfill Reclamation

Authors: United States Environmental Protection Agency

The US EPA comments on the potential benefits and issues with the process of landfill reclamation, and provides examples.


2009, Perdido Landfill Reclamation Project Final Report

Authors: Innovative Waste Technology Services LLC

This thorough report looks at the Perdido Landfill Reclamation project near Sarasota, Florida, and also reviews the history of landfill mining in the United States up to that time.


2010, Perdido Landfill Reclamation Project Update

Authors: Jennings, Sandra P. Jennings, PE, Escambia County Division of Solid Waste Management

An update on the 2009 Final Report above.


2010, Landfill Reclamation of Cells 1 & 2, Collier County Naples Landfill

Authors: URS Corporation and Collier County

Report on the Reclamation project at a Naples Landfill. This site is recommended as a well-operated small landfill in Florida.


2010, Landfill Mining, a Review of 3 Decades of Research

Authors: Joakim Krook, Niclas Svensson, Mats Eklund, Nils Johansson, Per Frändegård, Department of Management and Engineering, Environmental Technology and Management, Linköping University,

This report presents a history of landfill mining from a European perspective.


2013 Afval Wordt Waterstof - Mens & Economie

Authors: Jan Bosteels of the Standaard (newspaper June 1 & 2, 2013)

A recent article in a Belgian newspaper about a Proposed Enhanced Landfill Mining Project using plasma gasification. A translation is attached.