George Town Landfill Reports & Information



To the best of Dart’s knowledge, this is a comprehensive list of reports related to Waste Management issues that have been produced in the Cayman Islands since 1992. Dart’s development ethos rests on sustainability and sound environmental practices. As an adjacent landowner to the landfill site with development commitments to the islands for generations to come, Dart compiled these reports as part of its ongoing research into technically and publically acceptable waste management solutions for the Cayman Islands.


Waste management has been a political discussion point for many decades in the Cayman Islands. The predominant solutions discussed by Governments have been:

Some of the political discussion around these different solutions has been captured in the Hansard of the Cayman Islands Government, which records the minutes of the proceedings of the Legislative Assembly.


2012 Notes on prior landfill discussions in Grand Cayman (1980 - 2012)

Authors: Cayman Islands Hansard

As part of its review of existing material related to the history of landfill discussion in Cayman, Dart Realty compiled relevant excerpts from the Cayman Islands Hansard from 1980 - 2012.


1993 Throne Speech

The 1993 Throne Speech indicated that a sanitary survey of all waste premises would be conducted that year. The collected data was intended to develop policies and processes to improve the standard of environmental health. The speech said the Grand Cayman Solid Waste Plan was being considered by Government and a decision would shortly be made on the siting of a new processing facility. Consideration was being given to the feasibility of privatizing some elements of the Plan.