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Two case studies are particularly informative to the waste management situation in the Cayman Islands.The first reviews an on-going project in Belgium that is addressing the possibility of “Enhanced Landfill Mining”. There are differing opinions on the potential benefits of mining the GTLF in order to recover materials for recycling and to recover energy from the materials that are not recyclable through waste to energy. The Belgian study addresses the technical and economic factors that come into play. The second study concerns the waste management system in Bermuda where a capacity crisis at the only landfill in the country resulted in the establishment of an integrated waste management system that includes Waste to Energy and recycling. The similarities between Bermuda and Grand Cayman make this an especially relevant case study.


An informative proposal on the concept of landfill mining can be found in Belgium. There it is planned to recover recyclables, soil and refuse-derived fuel to power a plasma gasification plant and produce energy. This proposal is considered to be an experiment in what is being termed “Enhanced Landfill Mining (ELFM)” and involves a consortium of over 30 companies from 10 countries.  It would be the first instance of the ELFM process worldwide and also a first application of the Advanced Plasma Power technology in treating municipal waste, albeit in a pretreated form. The Belgian site was carefully chosen because of its age, significant size of 16.5 million tonnes, and knowledge of what materials were disposed and where. In contrast to the unique project proposed in Belgium, landfills are normally not mined in order to be remediated and made suitable for beneficial end-use that is usually recreational in nature. Proven and appropriate engineering solutions exist for mitigating landfill generated environmental impacts and the remaining hills have often been turned into assets for various recreational activities. ELMF is expensive and the apparent benefit in terms of reducing the GTLF is questionable, since only a fraction of the waste would be burnable for energy recovery. 



2013 Afval Wordt Waterstof - Mens & Economie

A recent article in a Belgian Magazine about the Proposed Enhanced Landfill Mining Project using plasma gasification. A translation is attached.