George Town Landfill Reports & Information


Waste disposal at the George Town Landfill in Grand Cayman began in the 1970s.  The pile of waste covers approximately 27 acres and reaches an elevation of about 80 feet above sea level. There has been political and community discussion about the future of the landfill for more than twenty years, but to date in 2013 no decision has been made on a sustainable path forward for the site. READ MORE

Between 2006 and 2013 Dart Realty (Cayman) Ltd. (DRCL), as adjacent landowners, engaged in discussions with the Cayman Islands Government on whether the landfill could be remediated and a new location identified. During that period, DRCL’s waste management engineering team amassed a great deal of knowledge and historic material related to the George Town Landfill site. The team observed that most of the historical proposed solutions to waste management included a new landfill site as a necessary component of future waste management infrastructure; with or without waste reduction technologies such as recycling and Waste to Energy. Since closing and remediating landfills that have attained capacity is common practice world-wide and since new landfills are generally developed after a scientific selection process, the team also developed a plan along those lines.

While this proposal was not accepted, Dart would like to share the significant amount of information it has accumulated during this period (2006-2013). Dart’s intention is that this information will contribute to public understanding, education and debate.